Who is it for?

The program and its content will focus on the experience of women* and feminine-of-center identities. You must be 18+ at the point of application.

Working on Our Power recognises the very limited spaces that exist for European non-binary, trans and cis women of colour of colour to learn, engage and organise.

This training programme is rooted in a commitment to fundamental systems change that moves us out of capitalist imperialist patriarchal white supremacy towards a system based on justice and equity. As such, Working on Our Power’s participants will be engaged in any of the following activities that support movement building:

Organiser - you form communities/networks of meaning and depth
Elder - you help ground your community with a sense of history
Activist - you invest in creative ways for grassroots groups to take action
Politique - you’ve entered the political system or are building a political party
Campaigner - you build infrastructure for others to take action on social concerns
Therapists / Healers - you break the cycle of violence that WoC experience from oppression


**Disclaimer: WOOP aims to create an inclusive and non-oppressing environment for learning, but we feel the need to be honest and hold ourselves accountable for the definition of gender and gender identity in this specific program. The program and its content will focus on the experiences of womxn and feminine-of-centre identities, although we recognise that these experiences are not exclusively affected by the oppressive intersections of race/ethnicity and gender/gender identity. In our team there is a major overrepresentation of cis-women, which obviously affects the outcome of the project and we want to be accountable for this limitation although warmly welcoming and encouraging non-binary, genderfluid and trans* applicants.