My Community & My Organizing

I organise predominantly in QTIPOC spaces in London and across Europe. I have organised in environmental justice space, anti-racist community organising and feminist spaces previous to this. I feel accountable to QTIPOC community in London

Fun Fact

I really love going on long walks; especially in mountains and forests and I'm really drawn to water; rivers, streams, lakes, ponds... I really enjoy astrology memes and am obsessed with my plants at home. My lifetime goal is to be in a boyband. 

Working with WOOP

I really hope to learn about the different ways Womxn of Colour have learnt intuitively to take up space, affirm themselves and build themselves up in their lives navigating the oppressions and constant denial we experience in holding our power. 

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be steak.