My Community & My Organizing

I organise predominantly in QTIPOC spaces in London and across Europe. I have organised in environmental justice space, anti-racist community organising and feminist spaces previous to this. I feel accountable to QTIPOC community in London

Fun Fact

I really love going on long walks; especially in mountains and forests and I'm really drawn to water; rivers, streams, lakes, ponds... I really enjoy astrology memes and am obsessed with my plants at home. My lifetime goal is to be in a boyband. 

Working with WOOP

I really hope to learn about the different ways Womxn of Colour have learnt intuitively to take up space, affirm themselves and build themselves up in their lives navigating the oppressions and constant denial we experience in holding our power. 

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be steak. 




My Community & My Organizing

I've been organizing within the QTBIPOC community for the past couple of years and organized the Cutie.BIPoC festival in Copenhagen in 2016. I love community-based work and although my environment is 159% queer I try to organize beyond that and feel accountable to all marginalized communities of color, more specifically the immigrant youth, single mothers and reproductive workers of the world. I've learned so much with WOOP already, but with the training I hope to learn more about journaling, fundraising and radical/representative leadership. 

A little more about me

I have a brown dog, I spend lots of time caring for the kids in my life and I'm finally letting my hair grow naturally after 25 years of heat damage!!!

Fav food

If I could eat one kind of food for the rest of my life it would definitely be bean stews (like porotos con mazamorra, estofado de frijoles, feijoada)




My Organizing & My Community

I have been organizing together with and feel accountable to Black people in Germany and Europe over the course of the past 7 years. I have over the past years focused on community organizing, transnational community building, campaigning and organisational development.

Fun Fact

I enjoy gardening, good food - particularly if someone else cooks it for me :)

Working with WOOP

I hope to build new alliances with other people of color and Black people in Europe and I am excited about learning about myself

Fav Food

My Mama's lasagne