What is it?


The programme is designed to deepen our inner knowledge, to empower trans*, non-binary* and cis women of Colour and strengthen our personal transformation as well as to provide concrete tools for organisational development and leadership. It puts aside the need to justify our lived experience in the face of whiteness and heteronormativity, and will give us the space to enter the deep work of personal, collective and cultural liberation. We will reinforce the existing movement infrastructure for trans*, non-binary* and cis women of Colour in Europe by creating a space for us to recognise and celebrate our commonalities and differences. As an intergenerational group we will draw on the wisdom of experienced change agents and embrace the emergence of social justice activists and movement organisers.


We hope to do this through the following objectives:

  • Identifying the interconnected nature of systems of oppression in our economic structures

  • Sharing and developing knowledge and practice that challenge patriarchy

  • Learning the key skills for building organisational structures and nurturing communities

  • Recognising our unique power through inner-knowing, self-reflection and authenticity

  • Learning the tools that support ourselves and others in their leadership work

  • Creating a trusted intergenerational community to learn, experiment, take risks with