Working On Our Power

is a transformative leadership programme for Trans*, Non-Binary* and Cis Women of Colour in Europe

Working On Our Power recognises the unique gift that trans*, non-binary* and cis women of colour bring to transformative social change work. This programme is designed to strengthen trans*, non-binary* and cis women leaders in progressive social movements across Europe. We aim to build an intergenerational and intersectional community of social justice movement leaders who are united in their experience of patriarchy and white-supremacy, and who want to dismantle these systems. This programme recognises and supports the work that is already being done. We recognize and value the skills, insights, analysis, survival techniques and inclusive cultures that trans*, non-binary* and cis women of Colour bring to our movements, and we will use these as transformative practices in our organising spaces.

Working On Our Power encourages leadership that; (1) is transparent, accountable and able to hold boundaries for themselves and the group, (2) coordinates and facilitates space where marginalised voices are centred and (3) encourages and supports systems that run without them.

*We use asterisk (*) after trans and non-binary in order to include everyone who identifies along the trans spectrum (broadly undefined).