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How will it work?

Participans will be part of a group of 20 WoC participants that can commit to the following:

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  • Session 1:
    12th September 2018 (Online)

  • Session 2:
    17th September 2018 (Online)

  • Session 3:
    19th - 21st October 2018 (Berlin)
    Vision for the Future: Practicing Liberation

  • Session 4: 
    20th November 2018 (Online)
    Community Organising

  • Session 5:
    11th-13th January 2019 (Barcelona)
    Building resilient organisations with heart

  • Session 6:
    12th February 2019 (Online)

  • Session 7:
    12th March 2019 (Online)

  • Session 8:
    2nd April 2019 Online
    Closing Ceremony

    We are currently looking for funding to cover the expenses for sessions 5,6 and 7. The programme will be supported by a series of monthly practices including peer coaching, counselling and self-reflections.

    In total we are expecting participants to commit an hour per week outside of the scheduled training for these self-organised sessions.


Costs and commitment

We want this programme to be open to everyone, so we have been fundraising to cover participant expenses to travel to our three main retreats. We believe we have enough to cover the basics for 20 non-binary, trans and cis women of colour to join together for 3 days, and will continue to fundraise to support the final retreat in early 2019.

Working on Our Power also has an accessibility budget which we will use to help remove any barriers for participation. The programme will be delivered in English but we aim to support those who feel more comfortable in other languages. Our accessibility funding will support:

Translators support
Financing access to internet / online services
Counselling/advice in crisis
Personal assistance/carers
Hearing/visual aids
Or other accessibility needs that you might have

The total cost of covering one participant attending Working on Our Power = £6,200