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How will it work?


Each training will consist of 15-20 participants that will commit to a total of 10 days on- and offline training through:

  • Online group meetings

  • One 5-day in person retreat

  • Working with webinars and podcasts

  • Reflection homework

We want this programme to be open to everyone by being conscious that our community has different circumstances when committing to time demanding activities. We will therefore offer some flexibility and support to those who need it. The programme will be delivered in English but we aim to support those who feel more comfortable in other languages (see more below).


Costs and commitment

Participants will commit to the above mentioned activities through a written agreement. We have been fundraising to cover all imaginable cost which will hopefully make the training cost-free for its participants (although we encourage contributions from those who are able to).

Working on Our Power will also have an accessibility budget which we will use to help remove any barriers for participation. Our accessibility funding will support:

Translators support
Financing access to internet / online services
Counselling/advice in crisis
Personal assistance/carers
Barrier-free facilities
Hearing/visual aids
Or other accessibility needs that you might have

The total cost of covering one participant attending Working on Our Power = €3,800